AERIA+ promotes an informed and constructive dialogue. With its pragmatic perspective, it wants to help shape the future of airport infrastructure.

For the region

The region has a very diverse economic base: multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies, century-old institutions next to start-ups. The vast majority of these companies are involved in trading goods and services internationally and in high value-added areas. The Lake Geneva metropolis welcomes also numerous international organisations (UN, NGOs), sports federations, renowned training centres and recognised cultural institutions, while enjoying a significant tourist activity that extends as far as the Alps.

Excellent international connections through Geneva International Airport play a central role in supporting those activities. In 2019, the airport platform generated CHF 4.1 billion of added value and accounted for 33,600 direct, indirect, and induced jobs.


Established in 1920, Geneva International Airport is one of the oldest airport platforms in Europe. Today it is an autonomous public establishment belonging to the State of Geneva while operating under a federal concession linked to a sectoral plan (PSIA) which sets the general conditions, objectives, and requirements. In the aftermath of its centenary, the airport is going through a delicate period and is subject to multiple pressures:

  • As it was already the case in Zurich, the politicisation of the issues surrounding the airport is increasing, as shown by the acceptance of the cantonal initiative 163 “For a democratic management of Geneva Airport” on 24 November 2019.
  • In view of the ambitious climate targets that Switzerland has set itself, aviation is expected to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse emissions.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions have plunged commercial aviation into its longest crisis ever, especially for infrastructure with high fixed costs.

In order to help ensure the continuity of a world class airport infrastructure, several institutions involved in supporting western Switzerland’s economy and international relations have created AERIA+.